Parents must prepare and purchase several items in order to welcome little angels. However, it is a difficult experience for first-time mothers to select clothing for their children that is clearly limited. As a result, the list below will be extremely useful in your preparation!

  1. Newborn clothes

To safeguard his or her soft and sensitive skin, you should choose 100% cotton clothing for your baby. The elastic band should not be too tight. Don’t buy clothes with back buttons that will pinch and hurt your baby’s back when lying down. For a newborn shirt, you should prepare with a soft kind to prevent causing discomfort to the baby, and it should be buttoned to avoid opening the belly and making the baby cold (even in the summer), because the baby who just came out will not be used to the outside world. Besides, a newborn baby grows up very quickly, so it will be wasted if you buy too much.

In addition, you should get baby hats, gloves, socks, and bibs. Select one that is soft, absorbs perspiration effectively, and should not be too tight. Carefully check the seams on the gloves and socks to ensure that they are safe for your baby. 

  1. Diapers

Your baby should be given a cotton diaper with a meconium pad at birth. Remember to use a soft cotton type that is wide enough to cover the baby’s feet. You should prepare two stacks of newborn diapers to change daily, taking into account the diaper size and material.

The skin of babies is extremely delicate and sensitive, so it is easily affected by environmental changes. Because of this vulnerability, the baby’s skin easily reacts to non-breathable pads, resulting in diaper rash. To better protect their baby, you should purchase diapers that are comfortable, dry, have adequate absorbency, and have medically recognized technology to help prevent diaper rash.

  1. Milk bottles and breast pumps

You should choose baby bottles that are made of high quality medical grade silicone and are safe for babies. In particular, you should choose a type with a soft nipple that is made to resemble the mould of the mother’s nipple for easy use by the baby.

You should also prepare a breast pump to suck milk in the event of obstruction. Especially in cases where the baby refuses to breastfeed, the milk can be sucked in a bottle to feed. Mother’s milk will complement the most necessary nutrients for the baby.

  1. Wet towel, milk towel

Wet towels: When changing diapers, wet wipes are used to clean your baby. You may also use it to wipe sweat to effectively minimize rash, ensuring that your baby is always comfortable. To prevent irritating the skin, you should also choose soft and unscented moist tissues.

Milk towels: it is recommended to choose 3 or 4 layers of soft towels. You should be aware that your baby’s skin is extremely soft and sensitive, so it is very easily irritated if using towels made of raw nylon material. As a result, you should prepare towels made of soft, mellow, breathable materials like cotton, which may be used to clean without damaging the baby’s skin.

  1. Bathtub and towels

       Parents should purchase a separate bathtub for your baby to make bathing easier. Babies are also more easy, comfortable, interested, and safe to protect their health and clean their bodies. There are many different types to select, including long porcelain bathtubs and little plastic tubs. You can select an appropriate bath for the baby based on your budget to install it. Referring to the types of baby baths that many mothers rely on in order to select high-quality items.

  1. Bassinet, bed and mattress

       At night, babies should not sleep with their moms or adults because you can accidentally lean or press on the baby while sleeping. As a result, moms should prepare their baby tiny bed, complete with safety bars, soft mattress. Furthermore, you can use a bassinet to lull your baby. Babies need to sleep a lot and have a deep sleep to develop their nervous system, therefore a soft bassinet will be essential for your baby.

The above information will provide you with the best practical experiences to prepare for your newborn baby. Hopefully, it will be useful to assist you in the most adequate, timely, convenient and cost-effective manner.

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