After little ones are all set to create the transition from a crib into a toddler bed, installing a toddler bed rail will keep your child from rolling out of bed in the middle of the night.

There are many bed railings, such as swing bed rails, stationary toddler bed railings, and bumper-style bed railings. Each has its advantages.

In this guide, Helping Faceless will review a few of the most splendid toddler bed rails and help you choose which style will work best for you and your child.

A Guide To Choosing The Ideal Bed Rail:

  • Types of Toddler Bed Rails

Swing down toddler railings – off down toddler railings remain in an upright posture at night so that your child does not fall from the bed. Afterward, they fold and fold out of the way through the day. Does this help your kid grow in and out of the bed as they select?

But you may also swing the railing from the way, so it’s possible to create their bed simpler. Some tuck away under the mattress entirely, and it is an excellent feature if you’re concerned about the way the railings look when they are not being used.

If you decide on one of them, you’re going to want to make sure that there are no places where your kid will pinch their hands when it is being transferred around.

  • Fixed toddler bed railings:

The stationary rails are a fantastic alternative if you disobey the railing staying up. There’s generally a gap on top or underside where your child can climb out of bed. This useless hardware then swings down toddler mattress choices. But they’re not as lovely to check at, and it may be more challenging to create the bed around this kind of bed rail.

  • Toddler bed bumpers:

Bumpers are an excellent option if you don’t wish to put in a permanent bed railing or whether you’re searching for something for sleepovers or travel. They do not need any installation. Whatever you do is place the bumper underneath a fitted sheet and the sheet to hold it set up.

It functions just like a speed bump by preventing your child from rolling out of bed in the middle of the night.

  • Material:

The material of a bed railing is the central aspect to consider. They may be manufactured from different materials like aluminum, wood, metal, or plastic. Regardless of which one you select, you have to guarantee it is durable and will continue throughout your child’s growing years.

Considering these bed railings are mostly made for children, the substance needs to be non-toxic, as well as the framework should have no sharp edges.

  • Size:

The dimensions of the bed railing are dependent upon the size of this mattress you use, along with the policy you’re seeking. Whenever some bed rails match all bedforms and beds, a few are just supposed to be used on double or single beds.

If you remain unsure about your mattress’s dimensions, it is ideal for taking measurements of the mattress and looking for compatibility. It’s also crucial to confirm the framework’s elevation — the taller the bed railing, the more safety it provides.

  • Setup:

Most metal bed rails are a breeze to install. All you have to do is correct the Velcro or strap below the mattress. In case you’ve got a wooden-base cot, you may need screws to repair it. For parents searching for an alternative to metal, they could opt for soft foam bumpers. Yet, most products include easy-to-follow instruction guides.

  • Added features:

Bed rails come in both single and double-sided choices. Pick one centered on the setup of your mattress in the room.

Search for a bed railing with a fold-down alternative. This attribute makes it easy for your child to grow down and up in the bed.

Top Rated Best Toddler Bed Rails Brand

Top Rated Best Toddler Bed Rails Brand

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1. Regalo Swing Down Dual Sided Bed Rail Guard

The Regalo Swing Down Dual Sided Bed Rail Guard with Reinforced Anchor Safety System features a swing-down feature Which Makes It more comfortable for your child to climb in and out of bed. Additionally, it makes altering their bed sheets a cinch.

This is a pair of 2 toddler bed rails which are 43 “extended and 20” tall each. It is perfectly sized to keep your child from falling out of bed but allowing them to go around the railings. It’s made for use with a double or queen-sized mattress with a mattress and box spring.

The railroad itself is made from a steel frame and mesh board. The net panel and cloth are white, but the cloth does wash reasonably readily.

One of the pleasant things about the Regalo bed railing is that it does not need any installation tools. It’s lightweight and straightforward to secure utilizing the enclosed anchor strap. Your kid could even take it together for sleepovers or if the family goes on holiday. Since everything you need is a mattress and box spring for this to work, there’s a vast selection of compatibility with beds of all sizes.

An excellent security feature that accompanies this is Regalo’s GapGuard technologies, which corrects tightness from the mattress and prevents interruptions that could be harmful to your sleeping toddler.

One thing to notice is that the bed railing swings outward to fold down and out of the way. This usually means you will want to make sure toys and other items are off in the mattress at night so that they do not get in the way of your kid getting up.


  • Lightweight design
  • Incredibly easy to install
  • Wide range of compatibility
  • Swings down and out of the way
  • GapGuard technology keeps your child safe
  • Comes with two rails for each side of the bed


  • Swings outward instead of straight down
  • White mesh might stain

2. Hiccapop Foam Bed Bumpers

This foam consistently receives high ratings from parents searching for an easy-to-install alternative. The substances used are free of nasty substances, and also the bumper passes all national security standards. Plus, the producers offer a lifetime warranty, which means you don’t need to be concerned if it gets damaged.

The cover is machine washable, and the entire bumper is watertight. If you are a bit freaked out by the notion of caging on your toddler at nighttime, a blackout such as that one is a milder alternative. 2 bumpers on each side may make a cozy cocoon that your kid will need to sleep in.

If you are co-sleeping, you will possibly realize that you fall in love with this particular bumper, also. It is soft, reassuring, and easy to put on or off as necessary. It is large enough to keep small ones included but low enough to feel like a part of this bedding.


  • Affordable compared to most rails.
  • No installation or tools needed.
  • No fussing with sizing, straps, clamps, etc.


  • Some have found the bumper moves too much during the night or falls off the bed.
  • More determined children can roll right over it.
  • Bulky and may take up valuable real estate on a bed – not ideal for co-sleeping.

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3. The Shrunks Portable Bed Rail Bumper

This mattress bumper is reduced devotion, sterile, water-resistant, and badly simple to use. Additionally, I feel like whatever inflatable is more fun. It is made from really thick, odorless PVC, and the clumsiest toddler could find it tough to harm themselves onto it.

I like this alternative because of its elegance. Blow it up, tuck it beneath the sheets, and just like that, your child’s bed looks like a bouncy castle. And do not worry, the vinyl surface includes a silicone spine that holds it in position.

An inflatable mattress bumper is a gentle and resilient reminder of where the mattress advantage is so that your toddler can only roll back into position if they are prone to going around on the mattress because they sleep. On top of that, you can repaint the entire item and fold it up, prepared to take on excursions or pack off when not required.


  • Hardy and easy to clean. Just wipe down.
  • Couldn’t be easier to use.
  • Fits all beds, meaning you don’t have to worry too much about sizing.


  • If you have very tight fitted sheets, these bumpers may be a bit too snug a fit.
  • A really acrobatic sleeper could conceivably dislodge one during the night.
  • The bumper takes up quite a lot of room on the bed.

4. ComfyBumpy Extra Long Bed Rail Guard

In cases like this, you may prefer this extra-long railing that covers the whole duration of a full-size mattress. Install one, and you’ve got a relatively foolproof means of maintaining your toddler in the place where they belong as they co-sleep together with you. Install two, plus you essentially make a sizable, transitional crib for your kid who requires somewhat more encouragement to proceed to the big kid bed.

The horizontal iron bars’ construction is involved, which is excellent when you’ve got a princess-and-the-pea scenario and wish to sleep without feeling any lumps or bumps under the mattress.

What I love about this railing is its breeze gathering, not to mention it is free of harmful chemicals like BPA, phthalate, latex, and lead in ensuring your kid isn’t just protected from falling but also protected from toxins.

The net is more straightforward than on other versions, making it feel very light and airy, and the layout is minimalist, permitting you to fit your room motif easily. The net does permit one to glimpse through and check on your small sleeping beauties, however.


  • The longest bed rail, if you’re into that sort of thing.
  • No possible way to fall out.
  • Fits up to a king-size bed.


  • Large and bulky once installed.
  • A particular customer noted that the installation instruction was missing.

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5. TotCraft Toddler Bed Rail Guard

The TotCraft Toddler Bed Rail Guard for Kids is designed to operate at any mattress with a wooden foundation, box spring, or additional pliers. It tucks between the slats and the mattress and can be approved for usage with toddlers and many forms of beds. Such as the Regalo toddler bed rail, which folds down and out of the way.

For parents concerned about staining, this comes in grey or white. Moreover, the cloth easily removes from the mattress frame and can be machine washable, meaning simple cleaning.

The broad array of compatibility stems in the forms of hardware contained. You will choose the best way to set up depending on the manner of bed frame your toddler mattress has. It may be set up with screws, together with the anchor under wooden slats, or using the included Velcro.

The various techniques for setup are dealt with in an easy-to-follow video. This permits you to feel assured that the railing was installed safely.

That is shorter, making it great for toddler beds. If your kid does not need to fold it down through the night, they will quickly have the ability to scale out the openings on either side instead. It’s 35.5  lengthy and 19.5 tall and made from metal sticks and a mesh panel, which is certified as being free of any dangerous chemicals.

One thing to notice is the 19.5 measurement comprises the component that’s contrary to the mattress. In case you’ve got a cumbersome mattress, then it will have less clearance. For instance, a 15 deep mattress is just going to create the bed railing sit 4.5 over the mattress.


  • Works with a wide range of bases
  • Different hardware included
  • Easy to install with the help of the video
  • Shorter in length for toddler beds or so your child can climb around it
  • Fabric is machine washable
  • Comes in white or gray


  • Height depends on the overall height of the mattress
  • Swings down and outward, so need a clear path

6. Summer Infant Double Safety Bedrail

This dual-sided metallic bed rail is perfect for protecting your small sleeper whenever you’ve got a bed set in the center of the space. With every panel measuring 42.5×21 inches, it contrasts various bed sizes, which range from twin to queen-size mattresses, and additionally platform beds.


Fits thicker and wider mattresses

Breathable mesh polyester material

One side folds down for children to climb in and out of the bed

Easy to change sheets on the bed


  • A little pressure may unclip the upward-facing pins that connect the 2 rails
  • Slightly expensive

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7. Hiccapop Convertible Crib Toddler Bed Rail Guard

Contrary to other railings that “float” and therefore are held down from the child’s weight or hammering on the opposite side of the mattress, this one attaches to the crib’s metallic framework.

Two adjustable steel straps are stored with screws beneath the mattress on the framework, which means you won’t have a secure fit. After this is completed, the railing can fold and then click back up into position, and it is relatively simple to fold back and forth as necessary.

This is the perfect railing for converting cribs and will provide you peace of mind for a bigger kid who’s weight may be insufficient to hold down a secure railing. On the flip side, this railing can be more portable and rather tall, which makes it a fantastic all-around option.


  • This rail folds down fully.
  • No assembly required.
  • Fits almost every brand of the crib – except IKEA beds. I love IKEA, but their cribs just don’t get along with most accessories!


  • This rail is on the affordable side and won’t take much wear and tear on the mesh.
  • If you have a particularly thin mattress, the support bars might distort it.
  • Some parents have found it a little too lightweight, and not up to daily wear and tear after a few months.

8. Regalo Extra Long Swing Down Bed Rail

If your kid rolls quite a whole lot in his sleep, then this extra long bed railing is the best solution for them. Together with the board measuring 54×20 inches, this sturdy bed railing supplies a much greater degree of security. Additionally, it features the manufacturer’s patented Gap Guard protection, which prevents gaps between the rail and the mattress.


  • Suitable for queen size cots
  • Swing down feature makes getting in and out of bed easy
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Made of steel and durable nylon mesh
  • Can be wiped with water and soap


  • Can only be used with the mattress onto a box spring foundation

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9. Royexe The Original Bed Rails for Toddlers

Royexe, The Original Bed Rails for Toddlers, is ideal if you require a little bit of protection for your kid but need them to feel as if they’re a big child inside their bed. This product is also a perfect choice for people who frequently take their children to remain overnight at grandmas.

These bed bumpers are inflated by air, making them extremely portable since you can deflate and match them as necessary. They’re also water-resistant, and this is a bonus in a child’s bed.

The bottoms of the mattress bumpers have non-slip grips, and you may easily slip them under a bedsheet at the place where they will then remain in place. You do not need to be worried about your kid knocking them over in the middle of the night. They’re also adamant and may support the weight up to 300 lbs.

Consequently, if you end up needing to roll them over after a fantastic night narrative and snuggle, there are no worries since they won’t crack.

The proof of the product’s achievement is from the testimonials. They’ve near-universal acclaim and also have prevented a lot of kids from falling out of bed. They’re a terrific product to put money into.


  • Very easy to inflate with a one-way valve
  • Strong and durable, even if an adult rolls over them
  • Fit all sizes of beds, even king size


  • Takes a few days for the new plastic smell to dissipate
  • May be too wide for some beds

When to Begin With a Bed Rail?

To put it simply, you and your toddler could decide together when you are all set to utilize a bed railing, should you use one at all.

The very first point to bear in mind is you don’t need to use a single. You might have a kid who’s pleased to jump to the big kid mattress right without a lot of fuss; it depends.

It’s possible to use a bed railing if you feel that your child is ready to progress in the cot but not quite prepared to be on their own at the big, frightening mattress yet. Bed rails are about alterations, but it’s your call how long you would like to keep this up.

The Way To Quit Using Bed Rails?

As my physician would say to some query regarding parenting, “Just how long is a piece of string?”

Bed rails are a temporary solution and need to be considered a transition involving a cot and a large bed. The best way to use them is entirely around you but attempt to promote your son or daughter towards greater liberty as and if you believe they are prepared for this.

In reality, you can encourage a feeling of freedom in your child by directly involving them in the decision to depart the mattress railings as soon as they feel secure and safe inside their new sleep pattern. Consider adding pertinent bedtime stories into your regular, like A Bed of Your Own by Mij Kelly and Mary McQuillan, or Big Enough for a Bed by Apple Jordan, which features Elmo.

As you see, casually mention the railings and why they’re there – you could be surprised if your child willingly asks for them to come off!

Last Word

With luck, this buying guide has helped you discover the best toddler bed rail for the child’s bed. Remember that what matters most is the kid’s safety. Always set up according to manufacturer instructions and purchase a fashion of bed rail compatible with your kid’s mattress.

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